How to make COQUITO

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This is  short video on how to make  Coquito. The woman is kind of funny! Their recipe calls for … 2 coconut milk, 2 evaporated milk, 2 coconut creme (use blender to liquify) , a tad of cinnamon and vanilla extract, Puerto Rican Rum (amber color) and you’re set! Suit to your taste, chill and serve! (Everyone has their way of making it; You may also add 1 can of sweet condensed milk or egg nog) all 12 oz cans …You can’t go wrong! Always refrigerate, stir/ shake bottle before serving cold…Great for parties…

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yaucono91 says:

Acalilove2007… the coquito that contain eggyolk its call Ponche de coquito, (Coquito Eggnogg) its made the same way, but creamier and thicker… also you can make it with White Rum …(Bacardi, Don Q)

Julio Cruz says:

This is the same recipe my mom gave me. So I know this is good.

webstar12712 says:

great video. the lady makes the video. i
will try this out!

webstar12712 says:

this is a good video.the lady made the vid funny.

webstar12712 says:

the lady made that video. she had me crackin up. i will try it though. thanks & happy holidays!

SpeedyWinds says:

DUDE!!!!!!!!!! You forgot the brandy :o)

Andrea Montanez says:

Thanks, I think I’ve finally found a recepie that makes sense. Although, I need to know, why do some coquito recepies call for egg yolks? Also, can you use white rum?

Linda Davila says:

I’m looking for a recipe called “Coquito”, but it’s like an italian ice. Vendors from the Bronx, New York sell from their carts. It’s placed in a dixie cup. It’s delicious & have been craving this. They sell it in the summertime. Does anyone from the Bronx, New York have the recipe? If so, please email to

Dulce Agua Del Pozo says:

Hello Thank you for share your recipe but I want share with you something, the coquito were never made ​​with amber or gold rum, always made ​​with white rum and brand that you used, bacardi, palo viejo, ron llave, don q etc

gmoneyrockstar says:

Thanks much!! From there on I think everyone can modify it to their likening…Keep us posted if you think of anything else that may work for you…

0nesh0t0311 says:

Not too shabby. Quick easy way ;-)

gmoneyrockstar says:

You’re very welcome! Thank you for your comment! I appreciate the feedback, again, everyone has their way of making it, but this is working so far. I agree on not having to use the sweet condensed milk and making it too sweet. Thx again!

CoolWhiteChick says:

Thanks for posting. I like that your recipe doesn’t use condensed milk because that always seems to “yellow” the coquito and makes it too sweet (and the cream of coconut has enough sugar in it)! Thanks for posting the ingredients in the info write up!

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