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Each year as the holidays roll around you can always count on people talking about their favorite holiday dishes, drinks and deserts. Mention eggnog and you can just about count on someones eyes lighting up in the room! What’s surprised me over the years is the variation in eggnog recipes, and so it’s not surprising that different cultures have addded their own twist to the traditional drink.

The Puerto Rican culture has a festive drink called Coquito, which is similar to eggnog but contains some different ingredients with most notably the inclusion of coconut milk or cream.

Coquito is made in a number of variations, and there has even been a contest in New York that pits the masters to the test for the best Coquito recipe. Some examples of the variations incluede spanish Coquito recipes, Coquito without eggs, Coquito with eggs, Coquito with condesed milk, Coquito with a touch of chocolate, etc…

So if you’re looking for new festive drink to have at your holiday party, then take a look at the recipes featured throughout the site. If you’re already familiar with this tasty drink then feel free to submit your recipe and we will add it to the collection. Be sure to include why your recipe is the best Coquito recipe!

Coquito Origin: Puerto Rico

Core Coquito Ingredients:

White rum
Egg yolks
Evaporated milk
Condensed milk
Coconut milk

Ingredients to spice it up:

Cinnamon sticks
Powdered cinnamon

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