How to Make Coquito

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A basic recipe demonstration, although not very entertaining as it’s more of production from They say watch how to put a tropical twist on that holiday favorite, eggnog, by making a coquito. Cream of coconut (or coconut milk if you like a less sweet drink) gives the creamy beverage its taste of the tropics. Make a kid-friendly version by omitting the rum.

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whoareyou2me says:

Pour into a small glass they say….as they pour it into a huge glass. ;-)

Caribella84 says:

I loooooove cocmquito

suza a says:

when you hit print change your printers settings to black and white…. Problem solved

vickilynn602 says:

Maybe you could copy and paste the recipe into a word document or something? That’s what I usually do so I can cut out any parts I don’t want.

zhinka says:

PLEASE PLEASE stop forcing us to print out the highly colorized ads on the mainwebsite, I cannot afford all the wasted ink.
If you must force us to print the unwanted ads, make them black and white so it costs us less money.


the recipe can use the egg whites to whip up some meringue to top the Coquito Garnished with more cinnamon and maybe even a Orange zest or Mint leaf c:

vialet21 says:

Interesting version of this drink..

AwesomeMissNic says:

At 0:09, I thought you were genuinely thanking alcohol…

Nereida says:

Wow, sorry to say that is not the authentic way to make Coquito, I use to help my mom with this recipe as a child, and it is definitely not your way, my husband and I make it every year (the authentic way)

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