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Don’t have time to make Coquito yourself? Here’s an option … Coquito is a coconut cream rum beverage traditionally associated with the Christmas holidays in Puerto Rico. The tradition of making and drinking Coquito according to the family recipe has been around since my Abuelita’s Abuelita’s Abuelita and we take the coconut-infused beverage and its preparation quite seriously. Puerto Rico is a small island filled with pride, culture and tradition with Coquito being one of its treasured cultural stamps. It is usually served in shot glasses or small cups and is usually sprinkled with grated nutmeg or cinnamon. Although there’s not much documented on the history of the drink, what we can tell you is that our family has had a special recipe before we can even remember. There are numerous variations of the recipe but in honor of my Abuelita, “Coquito Puerto Rico®” has made it possible for everyone to enjoy all year round. We have done the blending, all you have to do is chill it, serve it and think warm, tropical thoughts. ¡Salud! Contact: 845-699-4312 for orders.

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