Latin cooking 101 with Daisy Martinez, Today: Coquito

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Great recipe by Daisy Martinez prepares a coquito recipe which is not too sweet yet very yummy! Great instruction, well produced and easy to follow recipe!

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carlos13321 says:

se ve delicioso PERO!!! el cokito puertorriqueño NO lleva huevos…el cokito venezolano SI

stingrayyyyyy says:

Hello Daisy, are you single? Love your show. Happy holidays:)

Linda Davila says:

Daisy, I am looking for a recipe for coquito italian ice. In New York, you have the guys that sells coquito at the stands. It’s like italian ices, but it’s called coquito. Do you have a recipe for that? If you do, please send to Gracias!

Mariekr49 says:

i am so happy to found your channel, and so excited to watch your videos. I am white but my fiance is puerto rican i am learning to cook more puerto rican food from his mom…but love the food myself and want to learn more for him, gracias.

batuffolinabianca says:

I love love love Daisy! Used to watch her program Daisy Cooks on PBS some years ago and I miss terribly her wonderful recipes. I can’t find the videos of Daisy Cooks here on YT…

edwincito112002 says:

yo tambien vivo en santurce.y te amo.

MsChefDre says:

I Love you Daisy !! Love your style..Keep cooking for us.. Forever a fan :-)

StarWarsLiveShow says:

I LOVE YOU DAISY…..thanks for the recipe.

celebrity19812004 says:

When and where is your show on???? I live in Austin Texas and cannot find it. I love your cooking. I know that my mother has purchased your cookbook for my Christmas present!

Eileen Deliz says:

El coquito puertorriqueño tiene ambas versiones. Mi mama, una señora 100% puertorriqueña, hacia su coquito con huevos. En anos recientes han dejado de añadir los huevos lo cual hace la bebida mas liviana.

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