How To Make Coquito – Cooking with Drag Queens

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Have fun as three drag queens teach you how to make coquito, a delicious Puerto Rican Christmas beverage. Think of a coquito as a coconut based Puerto Rican egg nog. It’s delicious and makes an excellent present!

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Reggie Brown says:

This is so funny lol i love this

gebril61 says:

WOOOOOO PUERTO RICO!!!!!!! Yo soy boricua, pa’ que tu lo sepa’! :D

mzlavonne says:

love Coquitos !!!

maruolympus says:

I love you lovely ladies your fun girls id love to party with you one day lol. Well ive been lusting after this drink for weeks finally i got some stuff condensed milk, evaporated milk, ice, sugar, cake vodka, cinnamon, almond extact, well you inspired me i dont know if i should call it a sweet sissy like me or cake batter drink. Love you sistas stay sweet hugs

scumbuddy says:

wouldent the cream ferment if you left it for a week

skyazool says:

I add a couple of other things to my coquito. Some Licor 43 and some Brandy.

larrylafountain says:

Yay! Coquito is delicious! And Lola von Miramar, Saltina Obama Bouvier and Daphne Dumount are the bomb! Happy holidays! Everything tastes better with a little coconut and some rum…!!!

john7137 says:

The cooking videos are the best!

Emac951 says:

Looks yummy Fausto :0)

buendja11 says:

You girls is a mess! love it!

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