How to make COQUITO – A Different Way

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This is definitely another  interesting recipe. It’s good to see how fix coquito in different ways. Not traditional, but I guess if it fits your taste, why not?! For his recipe he says … Yes you may use a blender but he chose vodka because its what I wanted to choose. Like I mention in the video, most people add rum. Personaly, I do not enjoy the taste of rum, so I chose vodka. Add what YOU like and will enjoy. Afterall, its your drink, your kitchen and your ingridients… so do as you please =) Ok, today I was feeling a bit adventurous, so decided to make coquito and share an instruction video with you guys. What is coquito?? Coquito is a Puerto Rican drink made during the holidays. It is very common in the Latin community. Recipes for coquito may vary from family to family. This is a very easy one and not to mention delicious! Great to serve after having dinner or while spending some time with the family. It will also make an excellent gift. Bottle it up, decorate the bottle a bit and tadaaaa, you have a unique, inexpencibe and delish gift. Hope you enjoy this video and stay tuned for more! xoxo G

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jez681 says:

I went to puerto rico a year ago and bought Coquito, came home and my mother inhaled it lol I had one sip of the whole bottle…so I’m visiting her next week and I’m trying this recipe! Wish me luck!

gggloss says:

haha that does sound deadly!! LOL. On a serious note, I never thought of adding coconut rum, I am so going to try it. Thanks for watching!

GreatnessJ69 says:

finally one that doesn’t add eggs …. thank you this helped out a lot i don’t feel like an odd puerto rican for not adding eggs lol. Everyone calls mine Coquito of death because i add 151 along with southern comfort and a shot of coconut rum.

kikayei says:

You have very pretty hands. I like pretty hands. Mmmhmm.

LaNegritaj says:

Vodka coquito, and no blender! LMAO thats a first

Andrea Montanez says:

Vodka coquito?

luisgaBarber says:

coño!! thanks very nice video!!!!

tbanchetto says:

Wow, I would think that the liquor would curdle the milk.

talma930 says:

ill try it

gggloss says:

I’m glad you enjoyed. Happy New Year!! 

MissRaquelly09 says:

Just made this tonight for our New Years party and it was great! Thanks for sharing.

BlkPapi4U says:

I’m gonna make this tonight! :)

gggloss says:

Its yummy =)

gggloss says:

It is my fave as well!

gggloss says:

It’s so good!! =)

pinkintentions says:

this looks yummy, def gonna try it! lol

fun123a says:

daz how u make coquito lol daz how ive been making it for years and its my favorite

CoffeeConversations says:

This looks good!

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